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The Web-Based Software Standard

For Your Management System

Since 2001, well-known businesses in nearly all industry sectors and markets have been using the N5-Solutions around the globe to document, analyse and improve their management systems. Right from the start, our objective was to provide you with a comprehensive toolbox for the tasks involved in your responsibility for the management system.


N5Solutions at a glance

N5-Solutions Modulaufbau


The toolbox ...
All of the tools required for the documentation, analysis and improvement of management systems are integrated into the N5-Solutions.
The components of the N5-Solutions complement each other logically and make “step by step” implementation possible.
The application finds use in nearly all sectors and company sizes for management systems of every type.
The N5-Solutions are a standardized software package. Every possible option for individual system administration is available without special customization.
... to keep track of everything ...
The clear and logical structure provides your users with an overview of all of the contents in your management system.
Individual bookmarks make quick access possible and users can easily organize the contents which are relevant for them.
Suggestion lists of processes and documents personalized for each employee ensure that the “Find without searching” feature works.
Automatic notifications when changes are made ensure that information is supplied directly and they eliminate the need for maintaining distribution lists.
... for your security ...
MWith the workflow of creation, checking and release in addition to the automatic revision service, you can easily manage your control.
The archiving integrated into the workflow ensures a complete history with revision security which you can access at any time.
You can have all of the legal, normative and customer-specific requirements relevant for you verifiably under control with N5-Solutions.
Whether graphic views, tabular lists or PDF printouts - you can switch between different modes to display the contents.
... throughout the enterprise
100% web-based
The N5-Solutions operate within your Intranet. Client installations on user computers are eliminated because of browser-based operation and reading.
All of the contents of your management system can be created and managed in parallel in 14 languages at present. Translations can be input using Excel lists, among other options.
Define process maps for partial scopes and harmonize your policies using default processes and default documents.
The defaults for location-specific processes and documents can be modified by the owners at the location.

A unique combination of methods,
functions and technology

With N5-Solutions, you get a web-based application for your Intranet with the features of a content management system and a configurator as well as classic flowchart functions all in one, and then a module for managing supporting documents is thrown in as well.

Documentation with the
N5-Process and N5-DoQM Solution

Define the process types, name the processes from the top down - from the general down to the details - configure the processes with responsibilities, supporting documents, normative and legally-binding requirements, inputs and outputs as well their interactions, key data and risks.

In use by our customers
as a global standard

The 100% web-based design, multi-language capability, and the possibility of defining default processes and documents for location process landscapes make N5-Solutions the ideal toolbox for international deployment. The N5-Solutions are in use in 17 languages on every continent.

Analysis and Improvement
with the N5 Audit Solution

The N5-Audit Solution is completely integrated in the process map. The requirements of the relevant catalogues are saved in the process. All of the responsible persons are available to you in the application. You record and evaluate your findings and generate evaluations as well as the audit report. For nonconformities, causes and, based on these, actions are defined.


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