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Analysis And Improvement

Increase The Performance Of The Enterprise

The N5-Audit Solution is completely integrated in the process map. Consistent use of all of the information stored in the processes from the N5-Process Solution modules and the N5-DoQM Solution is ensured during all phases of your audits.


Audit Process
N5 AuditSolution 50
From the audit program ...
Plan your audits conveniently based on the process model and the requirements catalogues, departments, key data, etc. stored in it.
Meeting lists, selection of persons, requirements catalogue coverage, departments, topics. You have all aspects at your fingertips at all times.
Across all locations
Coordinate the audit program planning across all locations of your enterprise. Whether it’s a global or a local audit programme, you can get the planning status with a single click.
Use all of the requirements catalogues which are relevant for you. Make use of the possibility of creating combination catalogues. There are no limits to the number of possible uses.
... to the execution of audits ...
Record and evaluate findings, and then allocate them to the requirements and processes. In the end, you will have a consistent picture, from the process to the actions.
Convenient editors, clear reports, sector-specific templates and automatic messages enhance the level of appreciation among all participants.
Evaluate your audits and consolidate the results as you please. Charts and diagrams and export options support individual analysis.
Are your audits completely documented? Are your results protected from unauthorized access? Here you can be certain that you are in compliance with these requirements.
... right on to the tracking of actions
Escalation management with a traffic light system and notification feature ensure that you have an overview. This means you won’t miss any deadlines for actions.
Increase the quality of your improvement measures through consistent evaluation of the success of implementation. Audit-compliant verification management is integrated.
Simple comparisons
Improvement of enterprise performance through benchmarking. Process comparisons will become child’s play for you, even across all locations.
All employees manage all of the actions of their continuous improvement process in a single tool - even independently of audits.

Audit program planning

Audit program planning can be carried out both locally and across all locations. As the program planner, you choose the organisational units and their processes. The requirements of the relevant catalogues are linked to the processes. All persons with responsibility for processes and execution can be seen at a glance.

Measures management

In the event of nonconformity, causes and, based on these, actions are defined. Administrators and action owners benefit equally from the escalation management and the meeting overviews. The notification feature sends status notifications and reminders in case of delays. Have everything under control for the consistent, continuous improvement of your enterprise.

Audit documentation

You record and evaluate your findings in the execution phase and generate evaluations as well as the audit report. The evaluation schemes can be maintained centrally in the system. Documentation concerning the findings can be attached to the findings in any file format desired.

Versatile application

There are many methods for analysing the performance of a business. With the N5-Audit Solution, you have a universally applicable tool with which you can also document things like risk assessments, on-site inspections and audits. The measures module itself can also be employed independently of the audit module.


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