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The Central Document Pool

Integrated In Your Process Model

The N5-DoQM Solution module allows you to administer your supporting documents in the process model. The creation, checking and release of documents is controlled in this document pool. This makes all of the information documented in this manner a supplemental component of your process-oriented management system documentation.


DoQM Trichter
N5 DoQMSolution 50
Structuring supporting Information...
Structure your document storage using freely definable document types and make use of the option of assigning keywords.
Uses database
All documents are stored in the central N5-Solutions database as binary files.
There are no limits on file formats or data volumes in N5-DoQM Solution.
Combine several language versions and decide whether the original document or a PDF should be published.
... checking and releasing ...
In the flow
On its way to publication, the document moves through the workflow of being checked and released by authorized users.
Releasing the document also simultaneously publishes it on the Intranet, archives the previous version and generates a notification regarding the scope of the revision.
Only released documents are published in reading mode. All historical version statuses are retrievable from the archive at any time.
Up to date
The revision function, with its timed reminder function and the option of stamping documents prevents the use of out-of-date versions.
... and using them
Any documents can be used in processes as supporting documentation. This makes it possible to view the documents arranged according to activities.
Easily found
You can always find your documents: Directly in the processes, in the glossary of keywords, sorted by document type or simply by using the search function.
Bookmarks for documents provide you with quick access and ensure that you are personally notified by email of any changes that are made.
Not all documents should be available to just anyone. Make use of the option of protecting individual documents from unauthorized access.

Integrated in the process model

You can specify which documents are relevant for which processes in the interplay between N5-Process Solution and N5-DoQM Solution. Later changes in the default documents are of course also updated in the process automatically after they have been released so that the process user always has the most current information available.

Audit-compliant management

Automated storage (archiving) of document statuses, a revision service and extensive analysis functions are also included. This means that all currently valid documents as well as procedural instructions and work instructions, check lists, etc. become an integral part of your process model.

Process-oriented structure

Consequently, the process model provides the structure for the activities in the enterprise and visualizes how the enterprise works. The supporting documents can be used to show details about the activities and to provide additional information and aids that cannot be displayed in a process-related manner.

Linked to your system environment

As an alternative to managing documents, you can also create links to system resources. Whether branches to transactions in your ERP system, hyperlinks to the corporate Intranet or references to target folders in your corporate network – there are numerous options for integrating your resources.


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